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Cloud Server Backups

Computers and data are necessary for business. Make sure your data never disappears.

We help you use your backups to recover data quickly and confidently.

Alpha IT will backup servers using private cloud technology. We combine hardware and software technologies to retrieve information when it is needed most.. Alpha IT will help you ensure your backups are there for you when you need them.

Part of how we do this is by using proven processes for establishing regular backups and for accessing and using those backups when needed. Your Alpha IT team haves a plan for helping you use your backups to recover data quickly and confidently using practices like Bare-metal Restore and “Instant On Restore”.

If a computer virus or ransomware has infected your device, a restore from backup may be required.

Your Alpha IT team doesn’t just set you up with a slick new system that works like a dream. We do our homework. We investigate past issues, look into current needs and demands, and anticipate what the future might hold for your growing business needs.

Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

This type of encryption is helpful to protect customer and business data during a backup and up until it is fully processed.  Additionally, this secures all your backups in transit to Alpha IT’s private cloud.

At Rest Encryption (ARE)

Your backups are fully encrypted “At Rest” which means they are secure and not retrievable in the event of a data breach, this is required for best practice and compliance.

Alpha IT has your data secure.

Our tools will return your data back after a calamity strikes.