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Cloud Desktop Continuity

Has your data ever been compromised, or has the network ever been hit with an attack? Ever dropped your laptop in a fish tank?

Ask yourself

Has my data ever been compromised, or has the network ever been hit with an attack? Have you ever broken your equipment with a drop?

  • What does this cost to fix?
  • How long was the downtime?
  • How many times has this happened?

Because unexpected issues are a given in modern reality, your Alpha IT team continuously looks for ways to counter or improve these unfortunate happenings so your business isn’t stuck with downtime or losing data.

Your Alpha IT team is always looking out for your business interests, and this is where Cloud Desktop Continuity comes into play. Using our tools we backup your desktop and laptop data.

We reduce the risk of data loss and we significantly improve functionality while also decreasing the chance of emergencies in your business. Much of this relies on having good infrastructure and a backup system in place.

Why Choose Alpha IT?

Identifying a problem is only part of dealing with an attack, data breach, or tech failure. Having desktop continuity is crucial to keeping your enterprise running optimally. Your Alpha IT team will work with you to make a plan of action specific to issues you have or may experience in the future.

Having a strategy might not seem like a big deal at first, but you don’t want to risk not having a strategy when the cost of data loss is so big. Alpha IT is passionate about being transparent and providing the best technology solutions, so you don’t have to.

We understand how downtime can dramatically impact your business and have the capability to be on-demand when needed. Your Alpha IT team is available around the clock to keep your company running smoothly.


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