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Complete IT solutions for your business’ information infrastructure. 

Alpha IT’s Private Cloud connects computers and devices across your organization to backup servers. Backup Servers enable the backup of data and files as well as entire applications and databases. Alpha IT combines hardware and software technologies to provide remote access and retrieval of your company information for business continuity, disaster recovery, and risk mitigation.

Deploy your equipment to our data center. Our watchful eyes, remote hands, and role-based physical security controls make Alpha IT’s local data center a fantastic choice.

Alpha IT is always looking out for your business interests, and this is where Cloud Desktop Continuity comes into play. Using our tools and resources, we will minimize the effects of outages and disruptions that can be most impactful to employees when their equipment fails.

The concept behind server monitoring is straight-forward: server monitoring is the regular collection and analysis of data to ensure that servers are performing optimally and providing their intended function. The data used for server monitoring encompasses key performance indicators (KPIs), network connectivity, and application availability.