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On-Call Computer Support

Available when you need us.

We never outsource, we are there when you need us.

Our vast resources and solutions are yours when the unexpected occurs.

We are 100% in-house for all your IT service needs, from servers and workstations to networking equipment nothing is outsourced to Canada or Asia. When you call, that same person who answers the phone can show up onsite to assist.

We are problem-solvers. For us, the size of the problem is less of the focus than making sure it gets resolved. As a high-tech, high-touch IT team, we are dedicated to keeping your business secure from data breaches and ransomware, to discovering the best solutions for your business needs, or to improving your customer experience. We won’t hesitate to speak up if and when we see better options for continuous improvements that could save you time and money.

Here’s what you can expect. We will deliver a technician to your business location based on Alpha IT’s on-call support. Even though your services needs vary, our approach to work and billing on your business remains the same. We use a Break-Fix approach to technology.

Our Break-Fix approach to technology management means you get billed when work is requested and completed.

Alpha IT proudly supports Linux, Windows, Mac, VMWare, KVM, and Hyper-V.



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