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Manufacturing Technology Solutions

IT is now more critical in the manufacturing industry than ever before. With automation comes great efficiencies, but you have to be sure those systems stay up and running with solid support if and when they go down.

Managed IT Services for Manufacturing and Industry

Cloud computing has made waves in manufacturing and has transformed this industry for the better. It’s become an essential part of plant operation, integrating supply chains, designing and making products, and even how customers use the products you manufacture. Cloud computing has revolutionized modern manufacturing profitability on many levels, but it’s also introduced a new layer of technological challenge and potential for costly issues. Alpha IT is here to help you manage the challenges and increase profit through cloud computing.

To take this another step further, you’ll want to consider Alpha IT’s Cloud-based ERP specifically. Facilities of all sizes and industries should be using Cloud ERP to keep all information used across your organization current, accurate, and secure. 

Alpha IT is well-versed in manufacturing technology needs and safety protocol because of our PLC knowledge. We understand that as a manufacturer, you’re always on, with high demand and high use needs on hardware and software platforms that are constantly evolving. We are experts in planning out technology needs with 24/7 support. Because of this, we equip our teams with the latest remote support technologies so you can reach them quicker at any time or location.


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