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Industry Solutions

Our scope of IT Services allow us to deliver custom solutions for industry specific needs. Our business is to grow your business through the implementation of IT Tools and knowledge.

Engineering firms trust Alpha IT to provide technology solutions that help manage the operational costs of owning and licensing technology. Alpha IT maintains hardware, software, and network components to keep things running smoothly while providing the security needed to ensure the safety of your data and project files.

For professionals such as Attorneys, Financial Advisors, Realtors, and CPAs, providing a great client experience can add value to your service. Understanding clients beyond their basic contact information is growing more important for relationship-based services. Keeping track of client preferences and special interests can give your business an edge in its services. Alpha IT provides a safe and HIPAA compliant way to manage important client information – including ordering information, projects details, health records, and financial data.

IT is now more critical in the manufacturing industry than ever before. With automation comes great efficiencies, but you have to be sure those systems stay up and running with solid support if and when they go down. In the Wood Products Industry, for example, you have critically sensitive IT equipment that measures losses within minutes of failure. Present in this industrial setting are high particulate (i.e. dusty)environments that can wreak havoc on computing equipment if it’s not designed for these environments.Call To Action Name