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Improve productivity and up-time with our IT support expertise, insights, and technologies.

We provide high-tech, high-touch solutions for your business.

At our core, we are a technology solutions provider. However, our deliverables go far beyond IT solutions. We understand the success of what we provide to your business depends on our team’s diverse strengths and continuous improvement.

Our Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)Virtual Risk Officer (vRO), and the rest of our team will provide you with high-tech, high-touch solutions for your business technology needs. 

So at every service level, we are transparent and accountable to services and deliverables, this is one of our core values.

You should never have to guess what you need from us or what’s right for your business IT needs. We built our company around this idea. It means everything to us to provide you with the best customer experience. Whether it’s your first time partnering up with Alpha IT or you’re already using our services to handle your routine maintenance, you’ll be given clear expectations from project start to finish. 

We offer flexible plans that fit your needs without breaking the bank. We continuously see our clients save 40-60% on their IT budgets

What's different about Alpha IT?

When you sign on with us, what you can expect is quite different. Different in the best way!  We can say that with confidence because we don’t just want your business. We want to see your business thrive with the same passion we have as we vet each individual on our own team.

We cultivate a culture of purpose, cause, and passion that has become a formula for success not just for us as an IT Business Support company but for your customer experience as well. We lean on the individual strength of each of our team members and challenge them to provide continuous improvement for themselves and for you.

It’s no secret. Having happy clients starts with cared-for, happy employees. We focus on relationship building and process improvement internally so heavily and we leverage this to provide a team that is passonate about what they do.

Because we have such high employee retention, we are able to provide elevated services like being 100% in-house. When you want to talk to our technicians, the same person can come to you.


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