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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Alpha IT deploys and manages software enabling different areas of your business to communicate and easily exchange information.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

ERP systems bring order to information chaos. They help your organization manage day-to-day activities like accounting, procurement, project management, risk management, compliance, and supply chain operations. Instead of having individual databases with disconnected spreadsheets, these systems tie together many business processes and allow data to flow between them.

Data from various sources is being pulled and processed without being duplicated for use in wide distribution. All users of an ERP system, from the CEO to accounts payable clerks, can create, store, and use the same data without gaps in time or information.

A fundamental ERP system principle is to have a central information collection for wide distribution. Everyone needing or using your organization’s information can be confident that accessing the data is “live,” correct, and complete.

The ERP Suite is software to help plan, budget, predict, and report an organization’s financial results. By collecting an organization’s shared data from multiple sources, ERP systems eliminate data duplication and errors. Having the right ERP system is as indispensable as having electricity to keep the lights on to many organizations.

When you’re ready, it’s also essential to consider technical choices, like front-end integration vs. back-end integration. Your Alpha IT team will help you weigh the options and consider the direction your company intends to go so your ERP system is established correctly now and for the future. We are dedicated to getting it right for you the first time.

Alpha IT will be there every step of the way. We understand the value of your time and how ERP management and support are crucial to keeping your business running smoothly. Your Alpha IT team will consult with you and assess your needs based on industry-specific demands and processes for your best fit ERP system.

Alpha IT's Promise

  • We’ll help you decide which ERP system is right for your business.
  • We’ll be there to help transfer data.
  • We’ll help with the integration, so there is little to no confusion about using your ERP.

The Value of ERP

ERP systems have proven themselves to be incredibly useful in the business world. Discover how an ERP can align your departments’ data, improve workflows, and cut expenses.

  • Improved business insights/analytics
  • Lower management and operational costs
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Improved efficiency
  • Consistent infrastructure
  • Reduced risks

What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

Did you know we offer Co-Management?

Even if your business has its own IT team on-site, Alpha IT offers co-management options to jump right in and assist when needed. We know security risks and unexpected issues can happen at any time of the day or night. Your Alpha IT team can integrate with your in-house IT team seamlessly, giving your IT team exactly the support you need when you need it.

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