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End User “Human Firewall” Training

Your humans have become the front line for attackers looking to gain access to your network. Hardening your infrastructure alone isn’t enough, it’s time to start hardening your humans.

Your team is your first line of defense against attackers looking to gain access to your network.

You and your employees are the most significant benefit and threat to your network security. It’s far too easy to click a link or open an email with malware that compromises your network security. With so much power at your fingertips, your Alpha IT team understands how important it is to be transparent and offer every possible solution to guide your business to success, including Security “Human Firewall” Training.

We like to think of your employees as a “human firewall.” Your team is your first line of defense against attackers looking to gain access to your network. With the proper training, they become an added firewall, protecting your network, your data, and your business. This requires small amounts of continuous training, and your Alpha IT team can make the process easy and straightforward.

We offer ongoing online security training for your employees, so they have a solid knowledge base and understanding of how to avoid an attack on your network. 

Your Virtual Risk Officer (vRO) will ensure your employees are competent and confident they can recognize and avoid security threats to your network.

How Firewall Training Works

Your Alpha IT team will help train your employees. You’ll be able to check progress on an individual level so you know who has completed the training and who has yet to finishYou and our employees can set the pace for maximum efficiency and time to get everyone on the same page. The consistency of testing and training keeps people vigilant, so Alpha IT provides industry-leading entertaining training materials.

Security training can’t just be a one-and-done thing. It’s an ongoing process. Your Alpha IT team will regularly send simulated phishing emails to test your employees’ new skills. If they cannot spot a scam and click the email link, they are directed to a training page to help them gain a better understanding of their mistakes.

Human Firewall Training Highlights

  • Employees set up training accounts with us.
  • Complete online training at their own pace.
  • Ongoing training on timely topics included.
  • Ongoing training is available and recommended.

Some Weaknesses the Human Firewall is Designed to Help with.

How to Strengthen the Human Firewall