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Compliance Services

Alpha IT can get your business compliant whether you need HIPAA, FINRA, GDPR or NIST best practice.

Full Compliance Services

Alpha IT’s Compliance Services keep your organization in compliance with a diversity of needs and industries. We’ll help you ensure you’re meeting all necessary compliance standards for your specific industry. Your Alpha IT team can even help you assess potential compliance standards and determine which you need to meet and which may be a good investment for your future. 

Do you do business in Europe? Then it would be best if you were GDPR compliant. Are you in the medical field or financial sector? It would be best to have HIPAA compliance for the medical field or FINRA compliance for the financial industry. We have all the tools you need to reach compliance and become audit-ready.

HIPAA Pre-Audit

Alpha IT is highly organized and process-driven, which means  we can help you avoid HIPAA violations. We know these compliance breaches can cost companies between $100 to $50,000 per incident, and we’re here to help you avoid this with our pre-audit service. 

We don’t just go down a checklist. Alpha IT meticulously investigates and assess what types of risks your business or organization might be facing and works with you to formulate a plan of action. Our approach to keeping you in compliance relies on determining what technical and non-technical safeguards are necessary for your business.

Payment Card Industry (PCI)

Do you process credit cards at your place of business? Do you know if you comply?

Because we are a high-touch customer-centric IT company, we want you to have peace of mind that you are getting the right services for the right reasons. If your business regularly needs to process credit and debit cards, you’ll need to ensure you are in Payment Card Industry compliance (PCI). 

Not sure if you meet PCI compliance requirements?

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Are you CCPA compliant? If your products and services are sold to California residents, you might want to make sure you are within compliance. Your business falls under this law if you handle personal data of at least 50,000 people or if you collect more than half of your revenue from the sale of personal data. Alpha IT has your back. We’ll comb through all the information, so you don’t have to.

Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (SHIELD)

If your business communications and transactions reach New York, Alpha IT will help you get SHIELD compliance. As of Spring 2021, the SHIELD Act enforces more substantial obligations on businesses handling private and personal information from New York residents. 

New York set this to update its data breach notification law to keep up with current technology. There are some exceptions for small businesses, and your Alpha IT team will work with you to understand data security requirements based on the size, complexity, and scope of your business activities. Unfortunately, failure to meet SHIELD compliance could result in penalties of up to $5,000 per violation

Together, we’ll go over the details in each area of risk with you. This would include administrative, technical, and physical safeguards. We make sure your business meets compliance requirements which might seem daunting, but your business and your customers will be protected in the long run.

NIST 800-172

NIST 800-172 enhances your security systems requirements for protecting controlled classified information. Your Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) ’s basis is to formulate a plan to keep your business data secure, backed up, and in compliance with NIST 800-172.

Your Alpha IT team will ensure you are safe and secure from cyber-criminals who are out to steal any of your data that would be relevant to or compromise national security. We’ll get you squared away if we find a compliance issue so your business doesn’t face more significant problems.

FINRA Compliance Security Solutions

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is an independent, not-for-profit organization authorized by the US Congress to protect investors by ensuring the securities industry operates fairly. FINRA not only provides essential protections to investors but ensures every securities product on the market is tested, qualified, and licensed.

FINRA Highlights

  • Securities products sold to an investor are appropriate for that investor’s needs.
  • Investors receive complete disclosure about the investment product before purchase.
  • Every securities product advertisement used is truthful and not misleading.
  • Every investor receives the basic protections they deserve.

Long story short, FINRA protects the investing public against fraud and bad practices. Alpha IT’s pre-audit will ensure you are on the right track to keeping your business FINRA compliant.

GDPR Compliance

Whether you’re in banking, insurance, brokerage, transaction processing, or securities, Alpha IT has a proven process to lead you in building, maintaining, and improving your cybersecurity program. We’ve helped our clients perform pre-auditsand effectively handle intrusions and breaches. Alpha IT will help you, too.


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