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SPAM – The Bane of Email Service

Alpha IT has the tools to help combat one of the biggest productivity sucks in your organization.

Spam Filtering

Our team will work with you to come up with a plan for the right level of protection and filtering for your business. We use industry-leading spam filtration products that not only remove unwanted emails but also protect from attachments that have viruses, malware, and phishing attempts. Clean inboxes increase workflow efficiency by automating the removal of almost all spam while avoiding the risk of infection from email attachments.


Quarantine is a feature of Alpha IT’s spam filter service that isolates files that may be infected with a virus or are malicious. It’s used after Anti-virus software fails to clean a file that’s infected. Quarantine is an extra layer of email security that helps prevent a larger number of files from being contaminated and becoming a widespread issue.


Whitelists are lists of emails and domains that are acceptable for communication and are not filtered out. It’s another solution provided by Alpha IT spam filter services. Whitelists can be applied to incoming and outgoing email messages. Companies can use Whitelists to ensure emails are sent to and being received by preferred customers and clients. Organizations can also use Whitelists to protect people from visiting harmful websites.


Blacklists are lists of emails and domains that are blocked from company communications. Alpha IT provides Blacklists as a feature to help block email spam with the spam filter service. Businesses also use Blacklists to prevent people from visiting websites that may be harmful.


Graylisting is a feature of Alpha IT’s spam filtering strategy that temporarily rejects an email message based on the sender’s IP address. Most spam servers will ignore the rejection error while legitimate email servers will recognize the rejection error and resend the original message. Graylisting helps minimize the amount of spam in a user’s inbox.