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Email Archiving

Email Archiving stores and protects your data and makes it available for later search and use.

Email archiving is essential part of your business's IT strategy.

Your email resources are more powerful than you might realize. Your digital communication is an essential tool not just for current communication but also for tracking and managing a variety of your business activities. Managing this system can get a little tricky if you don’t have the right tools and the right expertise.

Emails are frequently stored within workers’ mailboxes, creating a fragmented approach to your data. Email archiving should be an essential part of a business’s IT strategy. We can incorporate a good email archive strategy for your business to avoid any issues or loss of information that could be crucial to your company’s success when a specific resource inadvertently deletes data, or leaves the company.

Other important aspects of our cloud services:

  • Archiving email inboxes for compliance and governance.
  • Searchable archive for each user.
  • Email auditing.

Why is this important?

Your legal team may want to see archival service in place for certain users or services. Beyond protecting your business from lawsuits, data loss, and corporate espionage, how you manage your email archives affects your labor costs when touching email via outlook or via web because every email account loads faster when there is only the  items that are still vital to business sitting in your inbox.

How Does Email Archiving Work?

When we develop a plan that fits your business needs, Alpha IT will determine which emails need to archived and when. Next, they’ll figure out whether the archived emails should be deleted from mailboxes on the email server or kept.

In the end…

Professional information management is pivotal to your business continuity policy. Your Alpha IT team has the knowledge and experience to help you ensure you’re getting the best solutions available.

The Benefits of Alpha IT’s Email Archiving Solution

Alpha IT’s Email Archiving is the ideal solution for your company to satisfy e-Discovery records requests. It includes advanced search capabilities tailored for email data and options for exporting to PDF and other formats.

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