Our home solutions enhance your productivity

Windows, Mac, Linux
Our technicians can work in Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. We offer remote and on-site support.

Extensive Home Electronics Knowledge
Anything technology sparks our interest. From wireless networks to home surveillance systems, we do it all

Home Networking

Our team can quickly assess your home and determine what networking devices will be needed to provide exceptional wifi coverage.

Video and Music

We love all things technology. Need help setting up a DVR, Network Video Drive, Stereo or anything else entertainment related? We're here to help.

Flat Rate Billing for Normal Repairs
Our most common repairs are flat fee, with an expected turnaround of 2-3 business days.

Windows Reinstallation

This is a full reinstall of windows (software not included). This will restore your system to just the windows operating system, all programs will need to be reinstalled (not included) and data restored.

Mac OS Reinstallation

This is a reinstall of Mac OS. This erases all data from the hard drive, and installs the base mac software like the day it was purchased new. Alternatively this can be an upgrade to the newest version, resulting in no data loss.

On-Site Printer Setup

Not all networked printers are easy to setup - we will seamlessly install printers on any network

Hourly On-Call Pricing

This can be used for any items not covered in our flat rate billing or for expedited response on flat rate items, things like consulting, new deployments, or just those stubborn issues that you've become accustomed to (yes, we fix all those problems, too)

Hardware Bench Diagnostics

Our in-house technicians run extensive tests to diagnose any potential issues to ensure your equipment is running properly

Virus Removal Attempt

This diagnostic step may resolve all issues depending on how embedded the virus is in the system. This service includes our basic cleanup server (de-dust system, physical inspection, audible inspection of fans, audible inspection of hard drives, malware, virus, rootkit, startup item, and PUP removal)

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