Alpha IT provides an exceptional IT team without the high cost
We routinely see our clients saving 40 - 60% on their IT budget

Flexible Plan Options
We're here when you need us

Helpdesk Support

Our dedicated workstation qualified technicians will join your team every weekday and provide much needed desktop and network support. These technicians typically have a skillset similar to an in-house IT person.

Monitoring, Unified Logging and Emergency Outage Response

Our dedicated staff will respond to critical outages such as internet outage, equipment failure, power outages, and much more round-the-clock. With our unified logging platform we are able to quickly diagnose any logged issues.

Alpha IT Enterprise On-Demand Support

With the Alpha IT Enterprise On-Demand Support you can augment your current staffing with guaranteed response times and exceptional expertise.

Alpha IT Enterprise Shift Time

With the Alpha IT Enterprise Shift Time we can augment or replace employees with a team of dedicated and reliable senior enterprise technicians.

Extensive Networking Infrastructure Support
With qualified network technicians standing by we can resolve network level issues often before an outage occurs.

Cost Effective Solutions & Sustainability

Save 40-60% on Your IT Budget

We routinely see our clients save 40-60% on their IT budgets, we’re ready to work with you and make a plan to start saving money today.
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Eco-Friendly and Cost Savings

As your IT team we believe in saving money to reduce your bottom line. This extends to our company too. We actively maintain a fuel economy that drastically exceeds normal vehicles. Our fleet includes hybrids and extremely fuel efficient vehicles.
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Guaranteed Response Times
All of our plans come with guaranteed response times tailored to fit your environment. Options as low as 60 minute guaranteed response times.

No Cost Equipment Recycling
We recycle reusable equipment and items to non-profit groups that have neither political nor religious affiliation, community outreach and schools at no cost to you.

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Our Server Qualified Technicians Keep Your Data Safe and Secure


Solutions for small business professionals by business professionals


From Operating System Installation to Virus Removal - We Have Your Solution

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Our Vast Arsenal of Resources and Solutions Are Yours On-The-Fly

Web Development

Learn about how our Web Developers incorporate advanced data reporting with an outstanding user experience


With Alpha IT Cloud Services your data is available anywhere, anytime