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About Us

We specialize in businesses who want to reduce the cost of using IT in their operations.

Our Mission

Alpha IT’s core mission is to deliver industry-leading customer service that bridges the gap between technology and business success. As a technology solutions provider, we extend beyond what a managed service provider can deliver with industry-leading solutions in every segment of technology services.

Our Story

We started in a recession focusing on high-tech and high-touch services, partnering with small businesses to establish strong technology foundations to launch them out of the recession.

Growth came quickly as we helped our partners achieve success. Many of our partners have been working with us for more than 10 years and Alpha IT has been able to consistently push the boundaries of technology as each new advancement in security and automation hits the scene.

In today’s highly competitive and technologically dependent economy, many businesses have lost the ability to effectively control the cost of their IT needs and services. IT services are now an intricate and necessary piece of any successful business.

Alpha IT continues to push the boundaries of technology and business workflow improvements across every vertical.

Wherever an opportunity exists to improve efficiencies, increase outputs, or lower the total cost of ownership, we present the option to partners like you.

Our Responsibility

Alpha IT is a comprehensive technology consulting firm. We design and implement innovative technology solutions. Our goal is simple: to enhance the productivity of company technology capabilities beyond tier 1 support and repairs.

Yes, there is a difference between merely responding to a problem and solving the problem. In today’s technology-driven marketplace, to be competitive requires the application of creative and cost-effective optimization of the technology that is available. By taking advantage of our services, everything from deployment of new systems, on-site and off-site back-ups, to voice over IP voice systems, you will receive the rewards of a cutting-edge work environment.

Our Core Values

  • Accountability & Transparency
  • Team Focused Continuous Improvement
  • Business Automation Builders
  • High Tech & High Touch
  • Process Driven
  • Industry-Leading Customer Service